Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I have my awesome soap, how do I take care of it?

To make sure that your soap will love you as long as possible, make sure that it is kept in a draining dish or in a place where it's not sitting in a puddle of water. You should also dry between uses if possible. If you are saving some for later store it in a cool dry open space; like a closet.

How is Old Soul handmade soap made?


Our handmade soap combines a variety of natural plant based oils/butters with Sodium Hydroxide (LYE), colorants, and a variety of scents to create a one of a  kind bar of soap. After carefully selecting each ingredient for the recipe and choosing the perfect art style its time to make it. It takes about 2 hours to make and then it goes through a 6 week curing process before its packed and sent on the road to beautiful souls.

Is Sodium Hydroxide a harsh chemical?

Yes it is. But it is also necessary to make pure soap, you can't make soap without it. The good news is that after the saponification process of mixing the ingredients the sodium hydroxide does not remain in the final product. During the Saponification process sodium hydroxide and oil molecules chemically combine and are changed into soap, the sodium hydroxide is exhausted in the process and none remains in the soap. However, since it is a necessary evil it is still credited in the ingredients as its process name. You will see it listed as Saponified Oils Of. . .


Are your soaps ALL Natural?

Some are and others mostly are. All of our soaps are made with high quality natural oils and butters for the majority of the ingredients. Then some are made with essential oils and/or skin-safe fragrance oils, and natural colorants and/or skin-safe cosmetic grade mica colorants. To easily identify the all natural from the mostly natural with out searching the ingredients we created color coated labels. Our BROWN label soaps are  ALL Natural soaps that contain essential oils and natural colorants ONLY. Our WHITE label soaps contain skin safe fragrance oils and cosmetic grade mica colorants making them about 96% natural. Either type you choose you can rest assure that our products are safe and made with quality ingredients for your enjoyment.




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