Old Soul LLC is a family owned company located on German Lake in Isanti, MN. We believe there is art in everything that mother nature provides, therefore,

Art is all around us you just have to close your eyes and feel it . . .

One of our specialties in art is our handmade soap. It's made with Earth’s natural plant oils that have

skin loving properties to help bring back moisture to our skin. Our skin is exposed to many damaging

elements that are very hard on it and our overall health. We must be good to our skin and take

care of it while we can. Something as simple as soap can dry up and irritate our skin due to

synthetic lathering agents and chemical detergents and the list can go on.


Here at Old Soul LLC we take Gaias (mother nature) natural gifts and formulate a special kind of soap bar, Pure Soap, that is made with plant-based oils. We are inspired by nature to create little

artworks that are not only beautiful and natural but smell and feel wonderful in the

shower and make our skin soft and hydrated after each use.



We are very lucky to have the opportunity to mix in our artistic touch to an

already wonderful list of ingredients and create natural handmade

soap for everyone to enjoy.


We are also very grateful for mother earth and its nurturing soul and we

want to share her gifts with everyone. We should all be able to enjoy

the gift of naturally moisturized skin.

Isn’t mother nature amazing?!  Not to mention that she is an

old soul herself and very artistic in her ways just as You are.


We are all good at something and everything has its own form of art.

We Hope You Enjoy Our Products As Much As We Do!

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